White House Honors Asian Carp

Check out this article from USA TODAY: Asian carp on menu at White House

Miya's Sushi w White House

On the menu for the president and his guests is “Blessed Barack of Ribs,” which contains applewood smoked invasive Asian carp ribs.



Applewood smoked invasive Asian carp ribs.

Ronny Hopkin’s and his family, have been fishing throughout the rivers of Kentucky for over a century. Today, Ronny and his family fish for Asian carp since the proliferation of this invasive fish has destroyed native fish stocks and threatened their livelihoods. Asian carp lay half a million eggs at at time, can grow up to a hundred pounds, and are voracious filter feeders that out compete other fish for plankton, which supports the entire aquatic food chain.  Asian carp is the greatest threat to the multi-billion dollar Great Lakes fishery. It is, also, among the healthiest fish to eat. As a filter feeder, it contains less contaminants than carnivores fish and is high in Omega 3 fatty acids.  

Barack is a Swahili name meaning “blessed” with Arabic and Hebrew origins. Blessed Barack of Ribs are blessed by all of us who could use a another chance.

From: White House Honors New Haven Sushi Chef for Sustainable Seafood